The Google Glass II

Have you heard of the google glass? Even though it is only available for developers, it has already brought about a lot of discussion. An online teacher was given the chance to become a glass explorer. In this video, he explains what it was like to wear google glasses, its pros and drawbacks. He also predicts how successful or not they will be once they are launched. Before you listen, think about the following questions:

Are you aware of the functions of the google glass?

What do you think  are the pros and cons of wearable technologies?

Listen. Are these statements true or false?

Some people were puzzled when they saw him wearing these glasses.

He believes they will be successful.

They are quite difficult to use

Its hands-free feature is one of the pros

He became a glass explorer after a face-to-face interview.

These glasses are cheaper for glass explorers

PDF version and key: google glass LC