Christmas Shopping: Joy or Craze?

Yesterday was Black Friday, which kicks off the Christmas shopping season. It is a tradition that started in the USA but it is becoming increasingly popular in many other countries. Retailers advertise great deals making shoppers flock to the shops with the idea of getting great bargains. For more information about Black Friday you can read Black Friday explained on Wikipedia

It seems that the Christmas shopping campaign makes sales boost , which is not bad news given the current situation. On top of that, we all have some shopping to do at Christmas so, the cheaper the prices, the better. But some people argue that the whole concept of Black Friday and the Christmas shopping frenzy may have gone a bit over the top. What about the small businesses? Does it promote over-consumption among the population?

However, there are alternatives to celebrating Black Friday. Movements like Buy Nothing Day and Small Business Saturday defend different attitudes towards Christmas shopping.

In this article from Tree Hugger you will find out more about Small Business Saturday. What is their main argument? Would it make sense to have something like this in your town? Does it exist already?

Also, the video below shows an interesting interview with Kalle Lasn who explains what Buy Nothing Day defends. The TV newsreader has something to say, too. Watch the discussion. How long does he suggest to quit shopping? What kind of problems does shopping cause? What does she think about it? Who do you agree with most? 

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Here are some questions to help start the conversation.

What do you think about the Christmas shopping season?

What do you like most about the shopping season? The music? the lights?

Do you enjoy shopping for presents?

Do you think the Christmas season starts too soon?

What was it like when you were younger? Has it changed at all? What is better? Was it worse?

Feel free add ideas of your own, media and links!


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