The Beauty of Pollination

I was taken aback by this astonishing video, which I would like to share with you. It reminds us that nature doesn’t need a click or a switch to work, it just does. All its creatures have been moving, and evolving with a magical and even mystical understanding among each other.

All the images we can see are real, they are happening right next to us, so silently and subtly that we hardly ever notice. Are we becoming too unaware of what really matters?

I suggest watching the video. And enjoy. Also, you have a listening comprehension activity below. Please post your comments if you would like to say something about it.

What animals does he mention as taking part in the pollination process?

How long has he been filming?

What event motivated him to make this film?

How much do we depend on pollinators? What do scientists claim?

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Pollination

  1. Hi, here we have an extraordinary and beautiful example of entomophilous pollination in which animals are essential. We can see how birds, insects and even mammals (bats) play their part in both reproduction of plants and their own survival but nature is always surprising us. Have you ever seen how anemophilous pollination happen? You may wonder how it is possible that thousands of pollen grains successfully achieve their target to maintain their species. Take your time and think for a moment: it happens in spring or summer, just for a few months, and only when water (rain, it is not our fault) or fire (yes, …, our fault) appear do they fail. Plants, animals,…, all of them know what to do. The main problem seems to be that we, human beings, do not: we kill animals, burn trees, use pesticides and so on.
    Thank you for sharing this video!!!!!


    • Thank you for this comment. The beauty of this video is exactly what you are saying. Animals seem to know what to do for survival and they do so in such a harmonious way! It’s heartbreaking that us, humans, skillful and clever as we are supposed to be, do nothing but destroy their habitat, isn’t it?


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