An Underground Farm

How many things can be going on beneath your feet? What about in a big town like London? 

Amazingly, for two years now, Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have been developping a very interesting project called Zero Carbon Food which is all about using an abandonned underground line to farm and grow produce to supply local retailers and restaurants.  

The underground seems to gather the right conditions to make the produce grow. And, on top of that, it reduces the miles that food has to travel to reach people’s tables.

They came up with the idea two years ago. As Ballard explains: “Integrating farming into the urban environment makes a huge amount of sense and we’re delighted that we’re going to make it a reality,”

Watch the video. What do you think about this? Would you have ever imagined that something like this could happen?

A listening comprehension activity is available here: underground farm

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Here are some questions to help:

Can you think of any spot in your town that could serve a different purpose?

Is there any abandonned area in your town which could be transformed into something else? If so, what would you do?

Would you welcome the idea of building farms for growing produce like the Zero Carbon Project?

What do you miss in your town? What should there be more of? Or less of?