The Burning House

shoes-69682_640Have you ever been asked  “If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

A photography website has used this prompt to portray the most important things in life for us.  People from all around the world have taken part. It’s a difficult question. It should be small enough to carry, quick to find, a small amount of things, too… What to go for? Something precious, valuable, practical?

If you are a language learner and would like to explore this topic, I suggest these activities:

1. Before you see the pictures, answer the question yourself. What would you take with you? Why? Next, click on the Photography Blogger website and see if there’s anyone who would have chosen the same things as you. You can also have a look on tumblr

2. Wild guessing. Have a look at the collections. Before you read the owner’s profile try to answer these  questions: Who do you think the owner is? Do the objects say anything about what they might do for a living or their hobbies? Afterwards, find out if you were right.

3. Answer the question yourself. “If your house was burning, what would you take with you? Leave a reply and share your thoughts. I also invite you to share your opinions, videos and articles on Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your opinion followed by #one_click. For more information on how to use twitter and the hashtag #one_click go to:

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 ”The Burning House is an eye-opening pictorial meditation on materialism;

an in-depth, intensely personal interview contained in a single question;

a revealing window into the human heart.”

Quote from Photography Blogger


2 thoughts on “The Burning House

  1. If my house was burning, I would take: a bracelet that belonged to my mother, a wood-made butterfly (inherited from my grandmother), a photograph of my brother, father and grandfather and the first present my husband gave to me (a bracelet).


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