School Days

We have spent a few days in class talking about schooling and education and students had the chance to share some memories from their school days. Most were stories of bonds that were made within the classroom walls, and also the teachers that we were supportive and inspiring. The general feeling was that our experience at school has a long-lasting effect in our lives and might easily determine some decisions we  make. Do you agree with this?

There are many pop songs that have been composed that talk about school days. Here is one by the White Stripes “We’re Gonna Be Friends” . What is being told in the song?

The lyrics are available here: How about your own memories? If you are an English language learner and you would like to share your ideas about this and practice, go ahead and post a comment on this blog post or share your opinions, videos and articles on Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your opinion followed by #occeoic. For more information on how to use twitter and the hashtag #occeoic go to: Here are some questions to help: Can you remember a particular aspect of school that brings a smile on your face? Was it a friend, a subject, or a teacher? If you are a secondary school student, what do you enjoy most about school? What would you change if you had the chance? Do you know any song that talks about school or education? Is there any song that reminds you of your school days?


2 thoughts on “School Days

  1. I was really happy at school. I enjoyed learning not only Science, Maths or English (among many other subjects) but also LIFE, yes, in capital letters. I began there when I was five and I left the school at the age of sixteen to study COU. My teachers taught me the importance of being liberal, different, responsible, independent, aware of what surrounds us and of course, what it was most relevant, that I,as a woman, could reach the same or a higher level than any men. I know, It could sound strange nowdays but I am talking about something that happened 30 years ago. Definitely, I am very proud of my school!!!


  2. Carmen, it’s great to read about your positive experience at school. I’ve always thought that, in a way, our experiences during those years shape our expectations about life. It is a very critical moment of our development as future citizens. We learn so much more than facts and figures. What we usually remember the most are things to do with “life”, in class and outside. It seems impossible to separate one thing from the other. It is so important for teachers and educators to take that into account. I recommend reading this blog post by Paul Moss which, apart from other things, reminds us how school is full of people, students and teachers, and how we all influence each other.
    Let pop culture speak for itself. What do songs about school usually describe?


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