Fancy a Visit to a Museum?

Where would you go to see some of the most relevant artworks? Probably museums. Their galleries are full of collections that invite us to step into history for a while. The following video shows a choice of 10 museums in the world, which could be among the best. What do you think? Have you been to any of them? What was your favourite artwork?

This article from the Daily Mail lists these museums and explains some of the main attractions and fees.

Go ahead and share your own personal favourites and experiences. You might feel like descibing a visit to a museum that was much better than you had thought. What do you like most about museums? Is there anything you can’t stand? Is there any museum, not listed above that you recommend going to? Feel free to post a picture, too.

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2 thoughts on “Fancy a Visit to a Museum?

  1. It is a very nice way to show us these 10 top museums!! I feel very happy because I have been in some of them: Louvre, El Prado, Smithsonian Institute, British museum and Uffizi Gallery. It is an honor that El Prado is considered one of them. One more museum I would like to name is Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It is an intriguing place because of the fascinating stories about this strange man.


  2. What an impressive video! Watching it I have realized that I’ve scarcely travelled abroad. I have been only in El Prado Museum. Although I have travelled to Paris I couldn’t be in El Louvre but I strongly recommend D’Orsay Museum in the same city. It has one of de largest collections of impressionist art in the world. Particularly I was really fascinated when I saw the Van Gogh’s artwork: Starry Nith Over The Rhone.


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