A Question of Motivation

A new school year has just started. It’s time to get ready for an exciting new journey until summer comes again.

I think the following exercise can be useful for anyone who is starting something new. But obviously, language learners will easily relate to everything that is mentioned.

Have a look at the presentation A question of motivation and go through the questions.

Stop and think for a minute of the opportunities you have available and what you can do to increase your chances of success.

What skills do you want to improve? How do you think you will achieve it? What help do you need?

Feel free to post your comment and share your ideas with other language learners. All you have to is click on the reply icon just above the post.





5 thoughts on “A Question of Motivation

  1. What a great presentation!!!

    Thank you for your work and yes, I TOTALLY, agree, we need to spend time with our language doing what we love most to learn and learn everyday.


  2. motivation never stops for people who is really enjoy the task
    each new effort is nother reward to follow our path to goal
    as you say well for me the apettitive only is fed with the right snack accorded with the meal otherwise you will never achive your aim due the lack of fuel


  3. I really apreciate your effort and implication in our learning.
    I would like to improve my listening, which is not my strong point. Actually, It´s really hard for me to understand people talking without subtitles.


    • Hi Isabel,
      thanks for contributing with your own experience. I hope you feel more comfortable with listening and you improve your skills as the weeks go by. Good luck 🙂


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