English Is Weird, But…

No one doubts that English is the lingua franca nowadays. While you are reading this text there are millions of people right now around the world engaged in some activity to help them learn the language.

The following infographic shows some figures on English as a global language. It also points out some of the most challenging aspects that most learners have to struggle with. Is there anything you find surprising?

@2012 - Kathleen Connors

@2012 – Kathleen Connors

In class we don’t usually have time to learn some of the history of the English language, but I am sure you will find it helpful to have some information on how the language evolved. Then, you will understand why some of its grammar, vocabulary and phonetics are so “weird”

If you are keen on watching more about the English language here is a selection of four short videos.


If we all assume that English is “weird”, why do we go through so much trouble to learn it?

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“English may be weird, but..”

You may continue it in as many ways as you wish: why are you learning it? what are the advantages? Also, what part of the English language do you find most interesting, fascinating or amusing.

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