Don’t Stop the Music

And yet, another post on music! Last year I wrote Music Moments but there is still much more to say.

Today in class we talked about concerts and music festivals we have been to. The atmosphere, the company and hearing your favourite music being played live can make it an unforgettable experience, indeed.  You can view the classroom presentation Don’t Stop the Music on Prezi.


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Can you tell us about your favourite concert or show? You can use these prompts to help:

  • When was it?
  • Where was it? Was it far? Did you drive or travel there?
  • Was it expensive?
  • Who did you go with?
  • What was the singer or band’s name?
  • What songs did they play?

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One thought on “Don’t Stop the Music

  1. it happened long time ago waiting in the bus stop I met the girl who became one of best friend of mine I have ever had ,we both were going to the UB40 concert in coliseum and talking we realised unemploy is the most disgusting situation one could suffer for long time but almost the end of the concert we make the oath to make our dreams true whatever it was with or without money
    the next year we travel to Germany to feel the experience to be skin against skin


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