Our Book Reviews II

The last post Our Book Reviews seems to have sparked some interest, so I thought it would be a good idea to invite any other English learner to share their book reviews and experiences with the blogosphere!

If you would like to review a book you have read recently, all you have to do is reply and post it as a comment.

But, it would also be great to have a discussion about your reading habits and some quick book recommendations.  Do you feel like sharing some ideas? You may use these questions to help:

Which genre do you enjoy?

Have you ever read books after seeing the film? What was the experience like?

Have you ever felt disappointed or pleased when seeing a film after reading the book? Why?

What book would you recommend for going on holiday?



5 thoughts on “Our Book Reviews II

  1. I am a reader of thrillers. My advice is not to see the movie after reading the book, as I did with the Thomas Harris novel The Silence of the Lambs, an excellent gripping thriller.
    Despite the fact the film won five Academy Awards and the main characters Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were played by two excellent actors, Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, I felt dissapointed , and I promised myself not to do it again. The book has so much more detail than the movie, and what is important from my point of view, it can give more background on characters, which is essential to understand the plot.
    The last example is 50 shades of Grey. After the success of the book, It seems that the film doesn’t have so good reviews as expected. Too high expectations?

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    • I totally agree with Gema with respect to the fact that, sometimes (in fact, many times), movies are far from what we had previously expected after having read a book BUT,… it makes sense. When you read a book, your imagination flies, you create the scenery and the characters. However, even though you could read a description of the characters in the book, you actually do not know their appearance as they had been imagined by the author so, why seeing them through the eyes of the director of the movie should be dissapointed? Just the opposite. You may analyze how a difficult passage has been understood by someone else. Well, I suppose it is a question of interpretation. From time to time, I read books after having watched movies based on them!!!

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      • I have often read books after seeing the film. Curiously enough, it has always happened with biographies. I remember becoming fascinated by a historic event or icon after seeing the film.
        Just recently I learnt a lot about Yves Saint Laurent thanks to the film.


    • It is certainly very difficult to experience with a film all the emotions that are sometimes so nicely described in books. And when we happen to see a film after reading the story, it isn’t easy to separate one from the other. There’s always something you’ll miss, right? 🙂


  2. “Winter of the world”

    Winter of the world is the second novel in the Century Trilogy by British writer Ken Follet. It is a historical thriller set around World War II. The story takes place in the USA, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and Wales.
    In this novel the main characters, who were introduced in the first novel of the trilogy, reappear: five inter-related families who live the Third Reich, the Spanish Civil War and World War II. The story is about the lives of these families connected to each other and what is happening in the world at that time. The novel develops memorable historical events through the eyes of these fictional characters and also the lives of real historic figures. The novel describes the burning of the Reichstag and the huge power of Adolf Hitler; the unrest in London, the civil war in Spain and the Battle of France and Moscow. Meanwhile the main characters live dramatic events mixed with love stories and revenge with an unexpected ending.
    In my opinion, the strength of this book, and what always makes Follet´s books international best-sellers, is how plausible the story is. I´m impressed by the style of the author because he tells the story in such a reliable way that the reader can actually feel like he was there. My only criticism of the book would be the high number of the characters. Sometimes you may feel a little lost.
    No sooner had I started to read the novel than I realized it was absolutely gripping, intriguing, exciting and, at the same time, pretty moving. Anyone who loves historical novels should read this Century Trilogy. Without a doubt, the perfect election.

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