There’s No Place Like Home

Talk about your town

Whenever you think of your hometown what things come to your mind?

There is a wonderful article Where is The Seventh Celtic Nation by BBC travel that identifies some of the most iconic landmarks and customs of Galicia. Also, check out this video about The Night of San Juan and the one below. Those of you Galicians will enjoy it!

I would like to invite you to share your favourite things about your homwtown, wherever it is. You may also want to share some media, videos or images, which describe what you are saying.

You can think of the answers to the questions below to help you:

  • What can you do in your town in summer?
  • Is there any special festivity? When is it?
  • Is there any art gallery or museum that you really enjoy going to?
  • Where can you go shopping?
  • Which is your favourite landmark?

You may also continue the conversation on Twitter by sharing your thought and media with the hashtag #occeoic.


2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I wasn’t born in a town. I was born in a small village and when I try remember my hometown I thing in green fields, the sound of birds in spring, the sun light sunshine in the sky and the special flavour of the field when the day sunrise, and specially in the crickets’ sound in summer. My first childhood was very happy in te village, surrounded by nature.


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