This year A Coruña is holding an exhibition of Picasso, which will feature more than 200 works.

There is an important connection between Picasso and our town as he actually lived here during a period of his life and it was in Coruña where he first exhibited his works in public.

What do you know about Picasso? Which is your favourite art piece?

Here is a video explaining the connection between Picasso and our town. Listen and answer the questions below.

1. How long did Picasso live in Coruña?

2. Which events took place during that period? Mark the ones you hear.

He fell in love / his sister died / he exhibited his works / he learned to paint / he became a young artist / he moved to the countryside

3. What’s the name of the work often considered his first masterpiece?

4. What’s the name of the exhibit?

5. How many works will you see by Picasso?

In this article A Coruña through the eyes of Picasso you’ll find out more about the artist’s years in Coruña. Also, check out this lessons with comprehension activities onhis work and biography.

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Have you ever been to an exhibition? What did you see? When was it? Who did you go with? What exhibition would you like to see if you had the opportunity?

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One thought on “Picasso

  1. Last summer, I went with a friend to see an interesting exhibition: Lighthouses: The light should never switch off, the history of these kind of buildings used to mark dangerous coastlines. For centuries, they were, beside the stars, the only aid for maritime pilots.
    Apart from technological developments, what I found more interesting was the life in the lighthouses, at the time in which men and women controlled them with their hands. A very difficult job considering that they had to live isolated for many days.
    I enjoy this kind of exhibitions, the ones that show the advances in the evolution of the human being life,

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