Learning Languages with Famous Quotes

Reading and listening to famous quotes is a fantastic way of learning languages. They are evocative and meaningful on their own. They don’t need a context, but still make perfect sense. That’s probably why they are so popular in social media: short bits of language, with clear messages and that we can easily relate to.

As we are approaching the Oscars, you are likely to come across many movie quotes like the ones in these images.

(You can click here for extra reading about the Oscars)

So, what can you learn in famous movie quotes?

  • Collocations
  • Verb patterns (like worth +ing / it’s supposed to be …)
  • Conditional sentences
  • Adjectives describing character.
  • Inversions for emphasis and other similar structures.
  • Comparisons
  • The different functions of modal verbs




These are just some examples. Don’t miss this opportunity to revise some English with famous quotes: language learning and some everyday inspiration.

Which are your favourite movie quotes? Would you like to share some of your own?



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