Short Film Festival CinEOI

We’re all into film making in our school, and every year we celebrate our very own Short Film Festival (VI Festival de Curtas CinEOI) to encourage students from all schools in A Coruña to create their own pieces, stimulate their creativity and encourage them to use Galician as the language of creative and audiovisual expression.

26 febrero 2016

In a language learning context, short films are another fabulous way to practise. We use them a lot in class for telling and retelling stories, expressing the emotions they arouse, quessing, matching, etc. They are sometimes so wonderfully crafted and give place to opportunities to discuss important human and social issues.

On this youtube channel you’ll find some of the films we have used in class at one moment or another. But if you enjoy watching films I recommend the following links:

London Short Film Festival 

Short of the Week

Cultura Inquieta

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