Staying fit and healthy

One of the things I love about teaching English is that the topics we talk about can easily give place to interesting discussion and sharing ideas about everyday issues we can all learn about.

Last week in class we thought of activities and habits that are healthy, and created this poster with all the tips:


Here are some links to websites where you can revise how to give advice in English:

English Live

English Club

#occeoic: Microblogging.

What other tips can you think of for staying fit and healthy? To participate, simply post your comment on this blog or on twitter.

Thanks to all my students from Básico 2 for your work.


One thought on “Staying fit and healthy

  1. My tips for staying fit and healthy

    Normally I eat oats and banana for breakfast, this is the most important food of the day. I try to eat healthy but the weekend I eat fast food and coke. I go to swimming pool three or four times a week and running two or three times a week. Usually I do sport every day in my house. I drink a lot coffee, I know this isn”t very good but I really like coffee. Now I”m working speed but it is very dificult. I get hurt a lot and have many cramps but I keep trying.

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