On this day…

On this day…

Here is a new game to get English learners to share historical milestones online and contribute in the creation of quiz games and language learning activities.

How to play:

Let’s share ideas!

  1. Find out what happened on this day and write a sentence using past tenses. For example: (15th January) “On this day Martin Luther King was born” It can be anything from a significant event, a biographical fact you find interesting.
  2. You can tweet it using the hashtag #onthisday and #occeoic (you will  find more example on @oneclickcloser), or write a reply on this blogpost.
  3. You can add other ideas if you like: links to complete the information, images, etc.

Let’s weave the game together!

After some time all these sentences will become part of history quiz games and language activities. You might want to be part of this if you like history or if you are learning to use past tenses.



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