How sound affects us

Even when unnoticed, sound plays its part in our well being and mood. If you are curious about how it can be so, watch the TED talk by Julian Treasure and find out how sound actually affects us.

You can click here to access the lesson that features the talk and a multiple choice listening comprehension exercise.


If you are interested in the topic of sounds and noises and you’d like to learn more vocabulary related to the topic this blog post might be right up your alley.


What makes people successful?


Richard St John spent 10 years trying to find out what traits successful people had in common. It took him 500 interviews and listening to more than a thousand success stories to come up with the answer.

On a TED talk he explains his findings. Click on this link to access the talk and a multiple choice listening task to do while you watch:


What do you think about it? #occeoic

Taking into account what you just learnt after watching the TED Talk, and your own experience, what advice would you give to people in the situations below?
1) Imagine a friend of yours wants to change their career but they are full of self-doubt and are wondering if it will be worth it. What would you say?
2) Imagine a co-worker of yours is full of brilliant ideas to improve the workplace but won’t communicate them for fear of being turned down or unwelcomed. Could you give them some advice?
If you need extra help to describe personality in English, you can click on this blogpost, which features a short film and a list of websites where you can learn or revise adjectives of personality.