A lovely song by Amparo Arias No…yes. You’ll hear several words and phrases related to indecision: make up your mind, moody, doubtful, drive someone mad. You can read the lyrics and listen to other tracks here:

The song Waterloo Sunset is a very evocative song that takes us all the way to London. It describes feelings, the atmosphere, and the river. Can you spot the adjectives?


Nina Simone’s song Ain’t Got No, I Got a Life is a wonderful song to practice “have got” and vocabulary, and also an uplifting hymn to freedom. You can read the lyrics here: 


Mandela Day

Listen and answer the questions:

What event of Mandela’s life is it recalling?

How many years did he spend in prison?

The Lyrics

No Woman, No Cry

You Gotta Be

In this song by Des’ree, you will hear many adjectives to describe personality. How many of them can you identify?

Calender Song



Here’s an article about a song I have always liked. It’s Heart of Glass by Blondie. In this article singer Deborah Harry explains the origin of a song that became a massive hit in the early 80’s.

For more anecdotes, read the article at How we made: Heart of Glass

Also, true false comprehension questions and vocabulary activity heart of glass


In the early 90’s Tame Yourself was released. It was an album with musical contributions from various artists, like Chrissie Hynde, Michael Stipe or the B-52’s, just to mention a few. The benefits were for PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In fact most musicians involved in the project are known to be vegetarians, vegans or animal activists. I am not a vegetarian myself, and I have never taken part in animal charity projects either. But I am very sensitive about it, and I get very upset when it comes to animals and how they can be so cruelly treated.

Whether you are interested in this issue or not, you might want to listen to this song and complete the listening comprehension activity proposed.

Before you watch. Which specific action against animals do you think will be mentioned?

medical testing

wearing fur

keeping animals in inhumane conditions

Listen and find out.


My previous post was about Tracey Emin and her work My Bed.  Well, curiously enough she reviewed David Bowie’s latest album called The Next Day on The Sun:

In this article she explains how they became friends in the 90’s. She also describes how she was touched by some of the songs and the way they accompanied her in her life.

David Bowie is one of my all time favourites, too. If I had to pick just one song I don’t know which I’d choose. I happen to have a listening comprehension exercise for Changeschanges_david bowie I think anyone can relate to this song at some time their lives, but it is also meaningful today given the situation we’re going through.


Love is in the air, and here is some language practice and music for the occasion.

Below are some links to sites where you can learn some words related to love and relationships, which should make it easier to complete the listening activity proposed.

I chose two songs about marriage by two major classics: Bruce Springteen and Nina Simone. The listening challenge is to listen and answer these questions:

Which one is positive about marriage? Which one critisizes it? Which words or phrases give you the clue?




Here’s a list of songs to spot conditionals (the more *, the more examples)

  • BEACH BOYS Wouldn’t it be nice **
  • CARDIGANS No sleep *
  • COLDPLAY What If ***
  • JACK JOHNSON If I had eyes **
  • JAMIROQUAI If I like it I do it. **
  • KATIE MELUA If you were a sailboat **
  • NORAH JONES Painter ***
  • SMITHS Stop me if you think…*
  • STING If I ever lose my faith in you ***
  • SUZANNE VEGA If I were a weapon ***
  • SUZANNE VEGA The World Before Columbus ***
  • TRAVIS Love will come through *
  • ZOMBIES You make me feel so good **



The word “waste” will be heard a couple of times. Here is a file where you’ll get a listening comprehension exercise: strawberry swing