Tame Yourself

In the early 90’s Tame Yourself was released. It was an album with musical contributions from various artists, like Chrissie Hynde, Michael Stipe or the B-52’s, just to mention a few. The benefits were for PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In fact most musicians involved in the project are known to be vegetarians, vegans or animal activists. I am not a vegetarian myself, and I have never taken part in animal charity projects either. But I am very sensitive about it, and I get very upset when it comes to animals and how they can be so cruelly treated.

Whether you are interested in this issue or not, you might want to listen to this song and complete the listening comprehension activity proposed.

Before you watch. Which specific action against animals do you think will be mentioned?

medical testing

wearing fur

keeping animals in inhumane conditions

Listen and find out.


Responsible Pet Ownership

Here’s a video about what it means to be a responsible pet owner. Before watching -or listening- read the statements below. Which ones do you think will be mentioned as examples of what pet ownership involves?

Making sensible decisions when adopting

Feeding the pet on organic food

A big investment of time and money

Being aware of allergies

Being informed of pet hotels

Keeping up with the regular vacinations and parasite controls

Minimizing noise

Identifying your pet with tags and microchipsE

Preparing emergency kits

Responsible breeding

Wondering are the physical and emotional benefits of owning a pet?  Click on Infographic List to find out



Would you like to share your opinions, or experiences of having a pet? Supposing somebody told you they were considering owning a pet, what advice would you give?

If you would like to discuss and share your thoughts just post a comment.



Pets can make one’s life really happy. Those of you pet owners know that you’re never lonely when you have a pet beside you. Their unrivalled loyalty may not always be rewarded, though.  I feel that all the pets I had gave far more than they ever received.

They help you learn a lot about yourself, never let you down and all they request in return is shelter, food and love, lots of love. As simple as that.

Just found this poem.


have eyes that yawn,
as a halt sign.

In morse-tail
they speak your mind,

loving you
to fur-deep

by Jim Howell