Drawing the line

The following picture was taken in Carballo. It is one of many examples of mural art you can see in this town. Reknown artists were invited to give new life to many walls and buildings.

This one is by Sokram. It is a huge pencil with people trying to climb to the top -one of them is falling. Interpretations may be as diverse as the people who look at it, but there is another controversy to add: the scissors are not part of the original painting.

This triggers an interesting debate: could it be considered vandalism, or the price urban artists have to pay?



This year A Coruña is holding an exhibition of Picasso, which will feature more than 200 works.

There is an important connection between Picasso and our town as he actually lived here during a period of his life and it was in Coruña where he first exhibited his works in public.

What do you know about Picasso? Which is your favourite art piece?

Here is a video explaining the connection between Picasso and our town. Listen and answer the questions below.

1. How long did Picasso live in Coruña?

2. Which events took place during that period? Mark the ones you hear.

He fell in love / his sister died / he exhibited his works / he learned to paint / he became a young artist / he moved to the countryside

3. What’s the name of the work often considered his first masterpiece?

4. What’s the name of the exhibit?

5. How many works will you see by Picasso?

In this article A Coruña through the eyes of Picasso you’ll find out more about the artist’s years in Coruña. Also, check out this lessons with comprehension activities onhis work and biography.

Join a Conversation

Have you ever been to an exhibition? What did you see? When was it? Who did you go with? What exhibition would you like to see if you had the opportunity?

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Fancy a Visit to a Museum?

Where would you go to see some of the most relevant artworks? Probably museums. Their galleries are full of collections that invite us to step into history for a while. The following video shows a choice of 10 museums in the world, which could be among the best. What do you think? Have you been to any of them? What was your favourite artwork?

This article from the Daily Mail lists these museums and explains some of the main attractions and fees.

Go ahead and share your own personal favourites and experiences. You might feel like descibing a visit to a museum that was much better than you had thought. What do you like most about museums? Is there anything you can’t stand? Is there any museum, not listed above that you recommend going to? Feel free to post a picture, too.

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Banksy…Better Out than In?

Girl seized by an ATM, attributed to Banksy, R...

Girl seized by an ATM, attributed to Banksy, Rosebery Avenue, London. Photo: Bengt Oberger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banksy "Swinger" in New Orleans

Banksy “Swinger” in New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An old post of mine was about Banksy, the elusive street artist. Last October he landed in New York to create a new piece of art every day throughout the whole month. As usual, his presence was full of media hype and treasure hunting by fans wanting to track down where the new piece was. But not everyone agrees that his works should be considered art at all.

The article Jerk or genius? summarizes what happened these days in New York with Banksy‘s works. Before you read, go through the statements below and give them a thought. Would you say they are true or false?  Then, read and find out.

He only creates graffitti.

Most New Yorkers support the artist.

He wrote a controversial essay about the Ground Zero building

A major of New York says he’s a captivating artist.

There have been other recognized street artists before him.

<a href=’https://www.examtime.com/profiles/350017′>por dimodeca</a>

I also encourgage to see Banksy’s website Better Out than In, where, apart from a collection of what he did in New York, you will have the chance to hear him explain his work.

For a collection of his iconic paintings, click on Bansky iconic works. where you’ll also have the chance to comment and share your opinions using the #hashtags you’ll find on the site.

And also check out the infographic that follows, with some facts about Banksy and his work.

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Tracey Emin about “My Bed”

When it comes to installations, one of the first artworks that come to my mind is My Bed by Tracey Emin. Whenever we talk about it in class the commonest initial reaction is “no way! that can’t be art”. I’m not an expert, but I like how provocative it is and the questions it raises. Here is an interview with Tracey Emin explaining, among other things, what The Bed means to her after so many years. A listening comprehension activity is available here tracey emin

Updated information on this artwork : Tracey Emin’s My Bed is up for sale at what may be a dream price to some 



Bansky is a controversial street artist who we know very little about. He  became an Academy Award nominee in 2011 for Best Deocumentary for Exit Through the Gift Shop. Here’s how he caught the attentiion of the media days before the ceremony.

Listening comprehension activity available : Bansky

For more information about his life and works check Bansky on Wikipedia

Grafitti: art or vandalism?

Street art has always been very controversial. Some may even be taken aback by hearing the words street and art making up a new concept altogether. The video shows an example of how a museum promotes grafitti as a form of art.

Listening comprehension activities available: grafitti