Will Reading Go Digital?

Much is being said about the future of books. Are traditional print books becoming obsolete? Will there come a day when the word “bookshelf” actually disappears from our everyday language because we don’t need it anymore?

Sales of devices like Kindles  and e-books seem to be on the rise, which has had a serious impact on the publishing industry. Many claim that e-books are more convenient and cheaper. They are easily portable, and also have the enormous advantage of allowing the storage of loads of works in one single device.  Does that mean we will actually read more? The articles Reading 2.0, and 11 Reasons eBooks Can Improve Your Life offer some insight into the topic. 

What I am most curious about is how all the current advances in technology are transforming, not only how we use books, but also our reading experience. Internet and social media have already transformed the way we search for information, which has gone from spending an afternoon in the library to surfing digital media. Also, what role awaits for libraries and librarians?

How do you feel about this? If you are an English language learner and you would like to share your ideas about this, go ahead and post a comment or share your opinions, videos and articles on Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your opinion followed by #occeoic. For more information on how to use twitter and the hashtag #occeoic go to: http://wp.me/P3tqiu-7J

Here are some questions to help:

How do you feel about the future of books?

How are you experiencing reading now?

Have you changed your habits over the years?

What do you like about print books? What  do you like about digital tools for reading?

What are you hopes or fears about this? What are you most concerned about?

When was the last time you went to a library to search for information?

Here are some sites containing grammar quizzes and vocabulary to help you with language you might need:

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Quizzes to revise the use of comparatives and superlatives

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