Our attention is focused on so many things at the same time, isn’t it? You’ve probably found yourself watching TV while texting a message to a friend thousands of times. With the increasing use of media devices we are more and more used to doing several things simultaneously.  Here are a few articles about the topic:

The average Briton spends almost half their waking life using media and communications, data suggests (…) Full article here:  Ofcom report highlights ‘multi-tasking media users’

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“Increasingly, people who are looking at their computer screen are frequently watching TV, listening to the radio, maybe reading print media, chatting, texting,” (…) Full article here: Multitaskers Bad at Multistasking

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How do you feel about multitasking? Are you good at it?

How many tasks do you often do simultaneously? Which are the “commonest combinations”? texting+TV/emailing+TV+talking…

Is there any anecdote you would you like to share with us, like the day you were on the phone and ended up leaving the baby in the fridge and started giving breakfast to the cow on the milk carton

This is one of many infographics showing facts and figures about multitasking. Would you like to make a comment about it?


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