Make ’em laugh!

I’ve just come across this Monty Phython Reunion article where Terry Jones announces a comeback for one stage show in 2014 at London’s O2 Arena. This instantly brought a smile on my face because I’ve seen their sketches over and over again and I will still find them hilarious. And I think some of their work may be among the funniest shows ever.

So, what makes you laugh?

Film and television are full of glorious and unforgettable comedy scenes, which include slapstick, parody, romantic comedies, black comedies, satire, and witty dialogues. Many of these scenes have even produced quotes that have become part of our cultural identity like  “Nobody’s perfect” or “ I’ll have what she’s having” Guess the film? For more popular funny quotes click here: Funny Quotes For testing your knowledge on movie quotes click here: Movie quotes

  • What’s your favourite comedy film or show?
  • Which scene is so hilarious that it will make you laugh even after seeing it many times?
  • Any anecdote of yours which resembles a funny scene?
  • How about TV comedy shows?Any must-see?
  • Any character you find really amusing? What makes them so funny? What are they like?
  • Any quote that makes you laugh your socks off?

As the song in Disney’s musical Annie goes, you are never fully dressed without a smile! Here goes a video I find really amusing for you to get in the mood.

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