Banksy…Better Out than In?

Girl seized by an ATM, attributed to Banksy, R...

Girl seized by an ATM, attributed to Banksy, Rosebery Avenue, London. Photo: Bengt Oberger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banksy "Swinger" in New Orleans

Banksy “Swinger” in New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An old post of mine was about Banksy, the elusive street artist. Last October he landed in New York to create a new piece of art every day throughout the whole month. As usual, his presence was full of media hype and treasure hunting by fans wanting to track down where the new piece was. But not everyone agrees that his works should be considered art at all.

The article Jerk or genius? summarizes what happened these days in New York with Banksy‘s works. Before you read, go through the statements below and give them a thought. Would you say they are true or false?  Then, read and find out.

He only creates graffitti.

Most New Yorkers support the artist.

He wrote a controversial essay about the Ground Zero building

A major of New York says he’s a captivating artist.

There have been other recognized street artists before him.

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I also encourgage to see Banksy’s website Better Out than In, where, apart from a collection of what he did in New York, you will have the chance to hear him explain his work.

For a collection of his iconic paintings, click on Bansky iconic works. where you’ll also have the chance to comment and share your opinions using the #hashtags you’ll find on the site.

And also check out the infographic that follows, with some facts about Banksy and his work.

What do you think? Which is your favourite piece? Share your thoughts and ideas on twitter using the hashtag #occeoic