The Brixton Pound

I had already heard of the Brixton Pound, and I was  interested in finding out  how this project was going on. It seems that it is successful, and that after five years the scheme has consolidated. Nowadays there are many ways of spending Brixton pounds, so it has become an actual and effective alternative to the current economic power and also supports local producers. That’s good news to me.

Here’s a video.


Watch it and find out the answers to these questions:

What was the main news item in 2009?

What should be promoted with this scheme?

How many stores are involved?

How are customers encouraged to use this local currency?

How does it reduce the carbon footprint?

Do the local residents agree with the scheme?

Click on brixton pound to find out how well you did with this listening comprehension exercise.

What do you think about this?

Do you think your community would benefit from a similar scheme? If you would like to share your thoughts you can reply and continue the discussion on this blog, or tweet your ideas on Twitter using the #occeoic hashtag.