All Work and No Play

Discussing work and employment is not easy, especially when the current economic situation is affecting so many families around the globe.

On this video there are some situations described, particularly those affecting young people: Unfair conditions for interns, the black market and poor working conditions for women despite having won many battles concerning work and employment.


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Which situation described in the video reminds you of what is going on in Spain?

Have the working conditions changed in the last years? In what ways?

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SONG. Maggie’s Farm

Bob Dylan is one of the iconic songwriters of pop-rock culture. If there were such thing as a 60’s Civil Movement Songbook, some of his songs would be clear candidates to be there. He’s inspired a whole generation.  Unfortunately, for the English language learner understanding his songs is not at all easy. Still, why not have a go?

Listen to this song and try to get the big picture.

What’s the song about? Choose one:

a) The singer says farming is too hard.

b) The employers are mean and demanding.

c) The singer’s in love with Maggie

Read the lyrics to find out. They’re also available here: Maggie’s Farm (with an extra listening activity included).

You can read some reviews of the song here. Why not post your own ideas?

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How much is true about Dylan’s song in your country?

What qualities make a good boss?

What conditions make people happy or stessed at work?

Why can’t I find a job?

Below is an interview where tips are given for successful job hunting. This video also gives some advice on how to use social media.  Listen and say if the statements are true or false.


It is essential to have a plan

It is essential to have all the necessary skills to get a job.

Most skills can be learned while you are working

The interviewer  will determine how prepared you are based only on your skills.

 You should be careful with what you show on your social media profile.

Your potential employer is unlikely to google you

Some jobs can be found by means of social media

You should not hit somebody up too much.


Key words in this exercise: Skill set, the glass ceiling, determination, passion and drive, cautious, to google oneself, to be ahead of the curve, to brand oneself, to hit somebody up, bugaboo

Why don’t you look up what they mean and listen again?

The Glass Ceiling

Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporati...

Back to work again and ready to rock!
Have you ever heard about the glass ceiling? I’ve just come across a couple of articles related to the topic of work and employment and the theme is very similar: Two traditionally male-oriented jobs which are being taken up by women.

Read to find out what the glass ceiling refers to.

Old MacDonald Might Be A Lady

Many women in CIA still encounter glass ceiling

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