A Question of Will


News and information about climate change are everywhere and I’ve increasingly started to feel quite pessimistic about the future, basically when it comes to environment issues and society. With this article, however http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jun/14/weird-weather-feeble-politicians-climate-change I gained some hope again: we do have the tools, the knowledge and the expertise but something is yet missing… Read to find out what it is.

Here are some questions to help:

How does Zoe Williams fell about certain news?

Had you ever heard of the negawatt movement?

What do we lack according to Lovins?

How do politicians usually focus the problem?

I defintely agree with “the answers are waiting to happen”.


The March of the Beekepers

Below is  a news item about the March of the Beekeepers, which took place in London. Watch and answer the questions

What are they concerned about?

What do neonics do?

According to Cristine Green, what directly affects  the food chain?

What is Matt Shardlow’s demand?

What has the EU proposed?

Where have the bees gone?

A honey bee collecting nectar from an apple fl...

A honey bee collecting nectar from an apple flower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much as I hate being stung by bees, I am sad to hear that the number of honey bees is dramatically decreasing. There are reasons why this is happening: pesticides, global warming, habitat loss, and more.

It’s crucial that this does not continue. Thanks to pollination,  plants  and flowers grow and it guarantees a balance  between plants, animal and ourselves…

For more information, read this infographic http://www.beesfree.biz/The%20Buzz/disappearing-honey-bees-infographic
How Dying Bees Affects Food Supply

Short of waste?

It seems that while some countries are producing more waste than can be handled, others have managed to actually create energy out of it.  This must be the ultimate achievement of recycling. Oslo, whose environmental policies have made it one of the cleanest cities in Europe transforms rubbish into electricity,but  now faces another problem. According to New York Times now they are even short of it… http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/30/world/europe/oslo-copes-with-shortage-of-garbage-it-turns-into-energy.html

A short listening extract available here:

Why have they run out of garbage?

Why is it harder now for Oslo to import it?

Which downsides of trash incinerators have been pointed out ?

How many proposals for building trash incinerators are there?

Confused Koala

Koala and baby on back.I was completely taken aback by what happened to a koala -not he one shown in the picture- who came wandering back home only to find it had been destroyed. There he remained still for over an hour, confused, not knowing where to go. The full story is available here:


What happened to this koala is that his habitat had been destroyed following a plan that had been approved by the authorities. This constant destruction of their natural habitats, the conflicts with human beings -we go on trowing them out of their homes in order to develop spaces for ourselves….- is causing so many animals to become vulnerable or in danger of extinction. Some very iconic and even admired species like the tiger or African lion are  endagered nowadays.


Another alternative to traditional building: Earthships. There are some very good things about building an earthship: recycled materials, self-sufficient, etc.  Watch the videos. Can you think of any downsides?  What do you think?

There is an activity worksheet.earthships