Short Film Festival CinEOI

We’re all into film making in our school, and every year we celebrate our very own Short Film Festival (VI Festival de Curtas CinEOI) to encourage students from all schools in A Coruña to create their own pieces, stimulate their creativity and encourage them to use Galician as the language of creative and audiovisual expression.

26 febrero 2016

In a language learning context, short films are another fabulous way to practise. We use them a lot in class for telling and retelling stories, expressing the emotions they arouse, quessing, matching, etc. They are sometimes so wonderfully crafted and give place to opportunities to discuss important human and social issues.

On this youtube channel you’ll find some of the films we have used in class at one moment or another. But if you enjoy watching films I recommend the following links:

London Short Film Festival 

Short of the Week

Cultura Inquieta

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Learning Languages with Famous Quotes

Reading and listening to famous quotes is a fantastic way of learning languages. They are evocative and meaningful on their own. They don’t need a context, but still make perfect sense. That’s probably why they are so popular in social media: short bits of language, with clear messages and that we can easily relate to.

As we are approaching the Oscars, you are likely to come across many movie quotes like the ones in these images.

(You can click here for extra reading about the Oscars)

So, what can you learn in famous movie quotes?

  • Collocations
  • Verb patterns (like worth +ing / it’s supposed to be …)
  • Conditional sentences
  • Adjectives describing character.
  • Inversions for emphasis and other similar structures.
  • Comparisons
  • The different functions of modal verbs




These are just some examples. Don’t miss this opportunity to revise some English with famous quotes: language learning and some everyday inspiration.

Which are your favourite movie quotes? Would you like to share some of your own?


Nobody’s Perfect

We are reaching that time of the year when the lights go on, the seventh art gets all fancy dressed and we all rush to the cinema to see all the fabulous films that are being released.

The Oscars is definitely one of the biggest film events of the year, and there is no doubt that a film that gets Academy Awards will enter history and will have a place in our memories forever. To celebrate, here is a fun list of the 100 best movie quotes of all time. Which one is your favourite?

But some films get a lot of media attention for other reasons. What do all the films of the video below have in common?

The title of this post is Nobody’s Perfect, as I would like to focus on accuracy in films. On this website Reel History you will find some of the most popular movies these days and an explanation of the actual events they are based on.

How do you feel about this? Do you like getting this kind of information? How important do you think it is that historical films tell the facts correctly?

Can you remember other films where  the events portrayed were apparently inaccurate?

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1. ADJECTIVES.  Practise the adjectives on this quizlet activity to describe how accurate or inaccurate the information is:

Quizlet: Collocations

Quizlet: collocations- part 2 (made by B2 students)

2. Linkers to express contrast on Using English




Make ’em laugh!

I’ve just come across this Monty Phython Reunion article where Terry Jones announces a comeback for one stage show in 2014 at London’s O2 Arena. This instantly brought a smile on my face because I’ve seen their sketches over and over again and I will still find them hilarious. And I think some of their work may be among the funniest shows ever.

So, what makes you laugh?

Film and television are full of glorious and unforgettable comedy scenes, which include slapstick, parody, romantic comedies, black comedies, satire, and witty dialogues. Many of these scenes have even produced quotes that have become part of our cultural identity like  “Nobody’s perfect” or “ I’ll have what she’s having” Guess the film? For more popular funny quotes click here: Funny Quotes For testing your knowledge on movie quotes click here: Movie quotes

  • What’s your favourite comedy film or show?
  • Which scene is so hilarious that it will make you laugh even after seeing it many times?
  • Any anecdote of yours which resembles a funny scene?
  • How about TV comedy shows?Any must-see?
  • Any character you find really amusing? What makes them so funny? What are they like?
  • Any quote that makes you laugh your socks off?

As the song in Disney’s musical Annie goes, you are never fully dressed without a smile! Here goes a video I find really amusing for you to get in the mood.

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