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Merry Christmas, Bon Appetit!

Chrismas may not be a global tradition, but it is definitely one of the festivities we share with millions of people worlwide. Nowadays, more than ever, we can learn about the diverse traditions that exist around the world. For instance, even though we may conjure up a snowy and cold scene, in fact in many places it is summer so people will head to the beach to celebrate these days. The kind of gifts, decorations and rituals may vary, too.Chritmas Around the World Infographic

But there is one thing that the communities that do celebrate Christmas have in common: meals are a big issue. In short, the idea is to share a special meal with your dear ones, so family get-togethers are more common these days. But while meat and vegetables are a likely combination almost everywhere, what varies is the way the food presented, the traditional Christmas dishes of each community, the amount of food and, also, I would say, the standard level of expectation of both hosts and guests. Depending on your context, you might just stick to what has been traditionally cooked at Christmas year after year or you might be in for some new features to be shown at your Christmas table.

On this video, Chef Vivian Howard answers holiday questions like: How can I make a cheese ball? Is there usually too much to eat at Christmas? (Answers go from start to minute 6.00)

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Here are some questions to help the conversation going:

  • What kind of meals are traditional where you are from?
  • Do you enjoy being the host of the family get-together?
  • What do you think makes Christmas meals so special?
  • What are your favourite Christmas meals?
  • What is your favourite dessert?
  • Do you enjoy introducing different dishes?
  • Do you think we sometimes have too much food on the table?
  • Would you like to share your own favourite recipe with us?