Food waste…exchanged for meals

"The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lomb...

“The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lombard” (7404 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217). This version has additional correction to correct for poor white balance and slight counterclockwise rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A former post of mine Food Waste was about how much food is thrown away nowadays. Read the following news item Restaurant lets customers pay with trash and find out the answer to these questions:

What kind of business is BIOMAT? 

Is it an actual restaurant or was it only temporary?

What could customers bring to the restaurant?

What were customers given in return?

What would the biodegradable waste become?

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Food Waste

With all the austerity and problems happening due to the critical social and economic situation, it’s heart-breaking to read this: Food waste: Tesco reveals most bagged salad and half its bread is thrown out. Find the answers to the following questions on the text:

How much bagged salad is thrown away?

How many apples, grapes and bananas are wasted? 

How many tonnes of food waste were generated?

How much money daoes an average family waste?