Greetings from around the world

In class we learnt how to write short texts for social media posts. After all, it’s one of the most likely writing activities an English language learner may do sooner or later.

Why not start practising your writing skills on your own social media profiles? Here are posts we did in class: Greetings from around the world!

The only things missing are emojis and hashtags!

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Describing Your Town

We’ve been very busy in class recently creating the presentation of our town A Coruña. The students wrote their own texts describing what to do and see here if you are a visitor.

You can view our presentation here.

What other things would you recommend? Have a look at these questions, and post a comment sharing your ideas.

What other landmarks do you recommend seeing? Is it a cheap or expensive town? Are there street markets? When is the best to come? Why? Are there any other local dishes you would recommend?

Microblogging #occeoic

If you want to start or continue the conversation on twitter, remember to use the hashtag #occeoic to help find your comment.


There’s No Place Like Home

Talk about your town

Whenever you think of your hometown what things come to your mind?

There is a wonderful article Where is The Seventh Celtic Nation by BBC travel that identifies some of the most iconic landmarks and customs of Galicia. Also, check out this video about The Night of San Juan and the one below. Those of you Galicians will enjoy it!

I would like to invite you to share your favourite things about your homwtown, wherever it is. You may also want to share some media, videos or images, which describe what you are saying.

You can think of the answers to the questions below to help you:

  • What can you do in your town in summer?
  • Is there any special festivity? When is it?
  • Is there any art gallery or museum that you really enjoy going to?
  • Where can you go shopping?
  • Which is your favourite landmark?

You may also continue the conversation on Twitter by sharing your thought and media with the hashtag #occeoic.

The Unsung Places

Travel books and our own personal experience is full of journeys to the must-see destinations or our country or abroad. Millions of tourists flock to see Paris or Rome, just to mention two in Europe. Beautiful as they are, I’d like to focus for a while on those towns which might be just round the  corner but are usually overlooked.

This article on Lonely Planet lists some of these places which are often forgotten. Hve you been to any of these towns? Do you agree with the article?

Go ahead and share your own personal off-the-beaten track destinations. You may want to talk about a town that is just 20 minutes from your house. Or perhaps an unexpected stop during a journey which allowed you to discover a charming town in the middle of nowhere or the natural beauty of an unspoilt land. Which place would you recommend a tourist to go to to get a taste of what your country is like, its traditions and culture?

Share your experience and recommend. Feel free to post a picture, too.

Here are the ways you can contribute and take part in the discussion:

1) Post a reply.

2) Chat on twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #occeoic. With twitter you may post a video or links to interesting articles on the topic, too.

Travel destinations : London

1. How many languages are spoken in London? How many tubes lines operate?

2.Write down at least 3 landmarks you heard.

3. What is special about its museums and galleries?

4.Where can you chill out?

5 What will you see in Primrose Hill?

6. Where will you get bargains galore?

7.  Where can you get the best ticket deals in London?