The Wonderbag

What does the word Wonderbag suggest to you?

It is said to be practical, environmental and it even changes lives.

Curious? Read here and find out TheWonderbag

Here goes the writing or speaking challenge. On this site The Wonderbag infographic there are two infographics. One is about the current situation. The other one describes the positive impact of the wonderbag in some communities. Pick one of them and try to describe the infographics using your own words.


wonderbag in action

wonderbag in action (Photo credit: afieldguidetobirds)



111 trees every time a baby girl is born

Hats off!

A small village in India has adopted an admirable initiative: they plant 111 trees for every baby girl that is born. It is a wonderful way of contributing to the environment and making up for our human impact. But, also, it very significant in a country where still in some areas being a girl is often too hard. In fact, expectant parents still prefer to bear a boy instead.

It’s good to know some people are trying to guarantee some oxygen for them when they grow.

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This article explains more: