How to make the most of this blog?

If you’re a language learner you will probably know that the key factor that will boost your language skills is exposure and practice. Read, listen, write and speak….In other words, do something with the language. This idea, which you are likely to have been hearing for ages, is now easier than ever to put into pratice. You have millions of texts available to read or listen to. The aim of this blog is to bring those opportunites closer to you by posting stories and pictures that might inspire you to be an active language learner.  The level of the posts so far cover B1+ to C1.


Try the listening activities and songs. Feel stimulated by the challenge, not frustrated. When the text is too difficult to follow, go for the big picture:  What is the general idea? What is the main argument? Listen with intention. Set your own goals, predict what the speaker will say. Apart from understanding words grouped together, keep the focus on trying to learn something, too.


Eventually English will become your passport for learning more about the topics you are interested in. So, why not start today? Read for the joy of reading. Skim the menu and summaries until you find an article that you feel is worth your time.  Also, take the chance to find other articles available online about the same topic.


Just as speaking skills are improved through continuous practice, you should experience similar good results if you actually write from time to time.  The web is full of opportunities for this that go from simply sending an email for information to posting a comment on an article. Go ahead and start posting your own comments and thoughts here. Simply click on the RESPOND icon just above the post. Also, take part in the #occeoic conversations on Twitter. Read other people’s posts, share your own opinion  and information you find on the web. Connect and enjoy learning with others. 


I was very pleased to have had the chance to share my advice for learning English on The Spanish Net. I recommend EFL learners to go through all the tips and suggestions, which are all very useful. Also, don’t miss the 70 online resources divided into categories.

13 Experts Share ESL Learning Advice (Plus Over 70 Online Resources).


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