The Glass Ceiling

Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporati...

Back to work again and ready to rock!
Have you ever heard about the glass ceiling? I’ve just come across a couple of articles related to the topic of work and employment and the theme is very similar: Two traditionally male-oriented jobs which are being taken up by women.

Read to find out what the glass ceiling refers to.

Old MacDonald Might Be A Lady

Many women in CIA still encounter glass ceiling

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111 trees every time a baby girl is born

Hats off!

A small village in India has adopted an admirable initiative: they plant 111 trees for every baby girl that is born. It is a wonderful way of contributing to the environment and making up for our human impact. But, also, it very significant in a country where still in some areas being a girl is often too hard. In fact, expectant parents still prefer to bear a boy instead.

It’s good to know some people are trying to guarantee some oxygen for them when they grow.

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This article explains more:

Science for boys, pink for girls?

Robot toys!

Robot toys! (Photo credit: clio1789)

As a mother of two, boy and girl, this is an issue that I’m really concerned about. I’m not too sure we’ve reached equality yet, I can see it in many ways. Could it be true that advertising  and markets are still reluctant to change? Perhaps they still get more profit by promoting traditional gender roles?